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April 5, 2021

Chicken Trust

Chicken Trust

For a change, I decided to leave my client’s office and eat out for lunch instead. Usually, I like to eat lunch among some of the employees to assist me with learning more about the company. But today, I had a taste for a spicy chicken sandwich with fries from a famous fast-food place that I can’t name because they don’t pay me to plug their company.

The choice to go through the drive-thru window met with a long line of patient customers. The smell of French fries overpowered my senses making my stomach churn with gurgle noises.

After 10 minutes of waiting in line, I finally placed my order from the stand-alone employee with the handheld tablet.

“Good afternoon what can I get for you?” He was a chipper youngster with a beautiful smile.

 “I’ll take the big girl chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and small fries, no drink."

The dude entered my order, swiped my debit card, and bid me a “have a good day” before directing me to move on through the driveline.  It was mania madness with cars parked in every parking space, people walking from the adjoining retail parking lot entering the restaurant, and cars piled behind one another waiting to get out of the lot.

I rolled up to the pick-up window, and another young man greeted me. He repeated my order too, and I nodded in the affirmative that it was correct. Then he says, “Miss, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I reply.

“Is it possible for a husband to get back trust in his marriage?”

Huh? What type of question is that to ask a total stranger? I don’t know pal; I can’t truly answer that question. What did you do to be in a position to ask a complete stranger a question like that?

I looked at his silver wedding band and then into his sad eyes.

“Yes, I think so,” I finally replied. “If you believe so.” And with that, I pulled off to enjoy lunch in my car.

I drove to the park across the street and thought about his question. What would prompt him to ask a stranger such a personal question?  I felt a heaviness in my heart and found myself sending well wishes of peace to him and his wife and their situation.

My fries were hot, practically burning through the bag as I lay it on my lap preparing to dive into my meal. I take out the French fries, tossing one in my mouth as I fished around the bottom of the bag for my chicken sandwich. After a few seconds, I opened the bag wide and looked through the tons of napkins and sauces only to find a chicken wrap with spinach…what the H **&%!

Talk about being pissed! So, Mr. Is It Possible to Trust can’t even get my order right? My car was already in drive ready to head back to the long line at the restaurant to speak with the manager about my incorrect order. I didn’t want a *&%*#! spinach and chicken wrap!

But then it hit me. My day is going well; I have something to eat, albeit a bit healthier than I desire. On the other side of the coin, "Mr. Trust Me or Trust Me Not" may no longer have his relationship with his wife.

I retreat, give thanks for my food, eat my chicken spinach wrap  & fries, and kept it moving.

by Monique Gilmore Scott