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Great podcast

I love listening to everyone’s creativity in their stories!!

Great concept!

I enjoy Monique’s voice. It’s very calming and the stories are great too.

Soothing & Unique

I truly enjoy listening to the different stories based on the same 3 words. Great concept! Should have expected noting less from Monique. She was on top of her game with her romance novels. I have all of her books! Congrats Monique!

Give You Break

Love it very inspirational. Lots of word of wisdom. Great stories .

A fresh intake of air!!!

Refreshing and smooth also calming and real. Make me want just walk outside and say I’m alive.

Love this!!

I love this concept of having people sit down and create a piece based on the same words. What's most enjoyable is hearing Monique's calming voice read each story, which are all different. Look forward to every Wednesday evening. Keep up the creative work, Monique!

Give you a break

Give you a break is such a fun podcast that does just what the title suggests -it gives you a break! Monique Gilmore Scott encourages kreative (with a “k”) expressions as she draws listeners into these quirky, imaginative and reflective stories glued together with 3 seemingly random words. It’s biz…

Give you a Break

This podcast gives you the opportunity to express your hidden experiences & thoughts. The first steps on mental healing. Thank you ❤️

Give you a Break

A very unique concept that will give listener and contributor an opportunity for a mental vacation anytime or anywhere! Simply outstanding!!!

Calling ALL Writers

This podcast is a MUST for writers and aspiring writers. This is a safe place and a no judgement zone. I always feel encouraged when I tune in and the pieces I share are well received. If you are a writer, this podcast will take you back to the foul line before practice. In order to stay the …


This is a great way to step away from the day to day task and take a moment to breathe. I have truly enjoyed the episodes and ready to continue the ride!!