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Give You A Break & Create Coloring & Activity Book

Coloring and Activity Book - Volume 1 * AVAILABLE ON AMAZON *
A 54-page coloring & activity book to help you, your loved ones, students, and or clients escape the busyness of the day to indulge in creative writing and coloring therapy. Inhale, exhale and enjoy!


** SIGNED BY AUTHOR **- Give You A Break & Create Coloring & Activity Book

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Give You A Break - Let Me Ghost Write Your Non-Fiction Ebook

This service is for NON-FICTION with a maximum of 10,000 words. The service includes:
- 45 min. discovery session via telephone
- Original content plus Title
- Book Cover Design (maximum of 3 revisions)
- Maximum 50 pages
- Editing
- 15-Day Production
- Ebook format only
- Title Exploration

Great for small business owners/entrepreneurs such as yoga instructors, personal chefs, motivational/business coaches, personal trainers, energy practitioners, barbers, hairstylists, and musicians.
* Not for Finance or Technology *
Basic e-book format/template solely.


YouTube Script Writing - 3 minutes minimum

Is your YouTube comedy channel requiring more content for your engaged viewers? Are you feeling slightly overwhelmed with content creation demand? Need a creative writer to help contribute to your growing channel? Let's chat.

Will provide you with the concept first and once approved, move forward with the script writing.

> The price listed is per video minute starting at a script minimum of 3 minutes. <
Examples: 3 minutes video x $50/min. = $150
* Minimum script writing = 3 minutes *
* Maximum script writing = 12 minutes *

'Kreative Content Consultation

Let's uncover the options you have for your come-to-life-non-fiction book desire. We'll take a creative journey via Zoom for 1 hr. to uncover/explore concepts for your 10,000-words e-book during our conversation. *Warning--be prepared and open to indulge in a few minutes of visualization.