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Give You A Break & Color

Coloring and Activity Book - Volume 1.
A 54-page coloring & activity book to help you, your loved ones, students, and or clients escape the busyness of the day to indulge in creative writing and coloring therapy. Inhale, exhale and enjoy!


Give You A Break - Let Me Ghost Write Your Non-Fiction Ebook

This service is for non-fiction with a maximum of 10,000 words. The service includes:
- 1 hr. Zoom discovery session
- Original content plus Title
- Book Cover Design (maximum of 3 revisions)
- Maximum 50 pages
- Editing
- 30 Day Production
- Ebook format only
- Title Exploration

Great for small business owners/entrepreneurs such as yoga instructors, personal chefs, motivational/business coaches, personal trainers, energy practitioners, barbers, hairstylists, and musicians.
* Not for Finance or Technology *
Basic e-book format/template solely.


'Kreative Content Consultation

Let's uncover the options you have for your come-to-life- book creation desire. We'll take a creative journey via Zoom for 1.5 hrs. to explore concepts during our conversation. *Warning--be prepared and open to indulge in a few minutes of visualization.