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June 8, 2022

Dead Man's Pose

Dead Man's Pose

Silly lay on the thin yoga mat as still as her body could be, inhaling and exhaling to the sounds of nothing. Cobweb-covered ceiling fan blades twirling above annoyed her. She closed her eyes and exhaled hard. Monkey's mind movement made her fidget as thoughts of life and death bounced around her brain matter.  Suicide?

Silly exhaled harder trying to drown out the voices. This isn’t working for me. She stood up, walked across the cool tile floor, and grabbed It from the counter. The myriad of feelings consumed her upon receiving sour news from her doctor that was obviously meant to spoil her life. How could it be true? Why would the doctor say that awful thing to her?

Silly had been emotionally unbalanced since she got the news. She stared at the object in her grasp, trembling at the thought of what she was about to do.  Slowly, she lifted her hand towards her face, all the while pushing away the screaming voices inside her head. Stop Stupid!  Get Control!  Her head hurt, and her vision blurred. No amount of inside voices could control the reflex of her right arm as it rose higher and higher toward her face.

It is loaded. Silly slammed her eyelids shut, opened her mouth wide, and shoved It in as far as it would go. Silly clamped her teeth down on the thing that would end her life if she didn’t stop. She paused upon hearing the crunch against her teeth. She began gagging as she yanked It out.

The Doctor advised her…no, warned her that she would indeed die a less accelerated death if she would just stop shoveling her mouth with the artery-clogging, cholesterol-increasing, triple chili cheeseburgers topped off with loaded cheese fries every day.

Silly didn’t heed her doctor’s warning. She took one more bite and then collapsed to the floor for her final pose.

 Author: Monique Gilmore Scott