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Sept. 14, 2022

Little Litter No Mas

Little Litter No Mas

Breaking free from his mother’s hand, the little five-year-old boy with the dark tan ran through the busy parking lot chasing It.

Rameriz, the woman, yelled tugging at the back of his green shirt. It was too late. Rameriz was running full speed through the grocery store lot dodging between cars entering and exiting the narrow parking spaces. He was chasing It.

 The mother of her only child screamed again.  RamerizStop running!  But Ramirez continued weaving in and out of cars. The fierce wind made the chase harder for Rameriz. He was unmoved by his hair blowing wildly or the issue of the red truck rapidly approaching him.

Para! para pleaded Rameriz’s mother. But it was too late. The red truck came to a screeching stop just as Ramirez fell facing the oversized pick-up truck.  Rameriz jumped up immediately with excitement.

Breathless, Rameriz’s mother, snatched him by the arm and yanked him toward her. You okay, what were thinking?!

Rameriz smiled. I got it mama; I got it.

Got what?

This.  Rameriz handed her the empty plastic juice pouch. Now the parking lot will stay clean.