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Feb. 8, 2021

Mediation Moment

Mediation Moment

A great morning mediation moment jumpstarted my day. My eyelids peeled back at 6:57 am to a bird's tweet-tweet melody. Yes! I'm alive to live another day--to walk in my purpose and uplift my fellow human beings. 

I closed my eyelids again, slowed down my breathing, and began giving thanks for everything I could think of: my breath, the bird's chirping, the roof over my head, the bed and pillow which my head and body rest; my spouse who was still asleep, my children that I birthed who are alive and well, the children I did not birth and help to raise, my family members, friends, neighbors, neighborhood, the Earth along with the other planets that exist higher than the blue sky and clouds, my health, the fresh water and food, and lastly, my creative gifts and talents, which I wish to share with you--yeah, you--the beautiful human who is reading these words.

Long live a healthy you,