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March 24, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 13, MIDNIGHT, CURFEW, ALIENS

Give You A Break - Episode 13, MIDNIGHT, CURFEW, ALIENS

Hello Beautiful Beings,

In this episode, you will hear stories from our listeners:

Dr. Renee in North Carolina, Jersey Joe from New Jersey,  Latrice M. from Georgia, Coach Sherri Jones in Charlotte, NC,   Each contributor escaped the busyness of being busy and let their imagination run away to create and share their masterpieces using the words:  MIDNIGHT, CURFEW, ALIENS

Special thank you to KPMoore who keeps us laughing on Twitter with his shared jokes that I share with you here on this podcast.

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Monique Gilmore Scott

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to episode 13

Speaker 2:

Of give you a break the podcast and is here to help you escape the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique. You're more Scott award-winning author and lover of all things creative. It is my hope that each time you listen and participate in this creative storytelling exercise, you connect with your creative side because we all have an imagination and imaginative side, a creative side. We just need to give it a jolt , awaken it by taking a moment and remove ourselves from the busy-ness of being busy. Tap, tap, tap into our creative talents. In this episode, you will hear from a few listeners who share their creative stories, which is centered around the words I gave last week. The three words, midnight curfew aliens first, and as always a quick, thank you. Muchas gracias . Shout out to the listeners who support me by sharing the podcast, providing a review of the podcast and who purchased me a coffee. If you like this podcast, if you enjoy it even a little bit and would like to support it, simply go to give you a break.com and click on the donate tab and buy me a coffee or a few coffees. Thank you. I would appreciate it. Now. Let's jump into our stories, but first I always forget. I've added this new component is called laugh. Your frown off compliments of a Twitter follower of mine named Mr. K P Moore . I hired a handyman and gave him a list. When I got back, he only did job numbers. One, three, and five. He never told me he only does odd jobs. All right , thank you, KP . All right. Let's jump into our stories. We've got some good ones this week. The first one comes from Dr. Renee in North Carolina. Since the pandemic there have been curfews at midnight, where all the bars, clubs, and restaurants have to close. This is alien to many people who are or think they are entitled. These people typically have no sense of connectiveness to spirit or community, nor do they care. What they do can impact the masses selfishness at its core. What if the pandemic was to expose the blatant inequalities and affect those less fortunate to yield unity and strength to change the, of the power and discourse as the spike Lee movie says, wake up. Thank you, Dr. Renee in Charlotte, North Carolina, she is a regular next. We're going to hear from Jersey Joe in New Jersey. And all of you who've been following me for a while . Knows that Jersey Joe, in Dr . Renee , and a few others always contribute and honor themselves by sitting down for five minutes and writing the story centered around the three words I give each week, Jersey Joe, here we go. Extra, extra, read all about it. There's a midnight curfew as an alien shouted out of nowhere, allow thunderous, voice exclaimed. What is all of this? Y'all must be insane. Don't you know, my people built this country and these facts are true. So don't start with some nonsense about a curfew. As more people chimed in the perpetrators knew that they couldn't win. So this sucker had the nerve to say it again, extra, extra. And then there was a sock in their eye after that encounter. That was the last time they tried say what you mean and mean what you say, because spreading lies about aliens will get you executed in a variety of ways. Thank you, Jersey, Joe. You know, I love when you submit your stories always rhyming on time, and I appreciate it. Our next story comes from Latrice M in Augusta, Georgia, a first-time contributor. Thank you in advance. Miss Latrice. Here we go. How do I begin this? When the story is seemingly endless, I always heard that the beginning is a good place to start. Let me share with you a story with which I will never part you. See, my curfew was midnight. You know how it is when we're so young, but think that we are grown right. Well, I had no idea what would come of it thought breaking curfew for the first time would be no big deal. But it was on that day. I found out that aliens are real. When I left the house, it was approximately eight. My parents told me not to stay out too late. I mean, midnight was my curfew, but I wanted to be a normal kid for once I wanted to do what other kids do now, don't get me wrong. I had my own thing as many Piscean kids do, but my parents were strict and I wanted to know normal life too. I never, before broken curfew. Let me tell you what I decided to do. I went to the mall and got something to eat. I walked around a bit and then went downtown to give myself a real treat. While down there, I drove to the levee . That's where most teenagers hung out at night. So I too went and it seemed all right, teens usually go there for date . But just sitting in the car by the levy was fine. Besides it was late. I felt grown in the car thinking to myself. So this is what normal teens , my age do. I was enjoying the illusion of freedom, but I had no clue. As I sat in my father's car alone, vibing to John Coltrane, the night became increasingly cloudy and down poured a coal rain, turned on the heat. And then I leaped back my seat with a full belly, the rain Coltrane and the heat. Before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep. When I woke up in the car, I noticed that I was the only one at the levee . Perhaps everyone had left because the rain had gotten so heavy. Now it wasn't raining , but I was all alone. I reached for the car phone . I needed to call my parents. They were probably worried about me at home. I noticed that my limb seemed floaty . It felt like I had tentacles. What the heck? I couldn't see my body. I looked in the mural and saw not a speck . I saw a cloudy Miske approaching. I mean, it was really encroaching all in my space. It floated all the way to me and stopped right before my face right then and there right before my eyes, it legit started to materialize. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. How could this be? I could not even shout two aliens appeared before me. They said nothing. As they examined me, I felt the enlight drilling on my back. What had they planned for me? I didn't know, but I didn't want to stick around and find out yet. I could not move. Then the voice inside me told me to say, God is stronger. I didn't want these things around me any longer. I could not talk, but I said it with my mind. You see? I said, God is stronger. The two aliens paused and looked at me. Then I heard a very high pitch ringing in my ears. I then saw very, very bright flashing light. Then I saw light beams. They were red and green. A spaceship appeared seemingly out of nowhere, it had hieroglyphics on it out, came a different set of galactic beings. The two aliens pled. I saw the light beams. Again, green and red. I felt love. I didn't feel fear. They communicated with me telepathically. They let me know who they were and why they were here. They told me to remember that I am a siren and shortly after they vanished and like a snap, everything was gone, just like that. I felt myself returning to my body. I looked in the rear view mirror. I could again see my face in the car. Everything was in place. It was 12:31 AM. I couldn't believe it. Everything seemed to have lasted so long. I just could not conceive it. When I got home, my parents were waiting for me in the den . They could see that I was upset in all, but they hugged me. They told me that they love me. They told me that a lot of things out there are ugly. They told me that I am in this world, but not of this world that I am an M not a normal girl. They told me that all things come in their season and that they were raising me how they were raising me for a reason. They said always remember that you are a sovereign. That's what they said. They smiled knowingly and told me to go on up and shower and go to bed. How much they knew. I did not ask, but as for breaking curfew, that was my first time. And my last thank you sister. I appreciate you taking the time to submit your first piece. And boy was that powerful. Thank you very much. And last but not least, we have coach Sherry work, life development coach in Charlotte, North Carolina. She must think the aliens come out after midnight because why is my curfew always midnight? The party is always over at 2:00 AM and it don't really get started until 11:00 PM. So I only have one hour of great fun. What's another two hours. Then she pulls up in front with her coat over her robe and scarf over her rollers, looking why I try to beat her out so I can see her coming and meet her up the street. But that hardly ever happened. Don't let me be too much. After midnight coming out, shaking my head here. She comes in the party straight to the DJ, ask him for the mic, letting me know she's outside. And it's time to go tales of a teen in the eighties. Thank you, coach Sherry , always showing up every week. I appreciate you and all of the contributors. Thank you. Thank you so much. And listeners, do you hear the different stories, the different creative spaced on the same three words. Everyone had the same three words and everyone's story was different. We had two stories are , I should say, poems of sort . Then we had two other stories. So I mean, this is what I love and I hope that you enjoy listening. And I also hope that you would consider taking the time to participate as well. You can eavesdrop here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time and listen to the podcast by visiting, give you a break.com or on Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Apple, iTunes, or any other platform. All right. The words for this week are random stranger car again, random stranger car. The rules are, you must write hand-write for five minutes straight. Number two, you must use all three words. And the first paragraph and number three, do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece . You can do all of those. It's really simple. I know you can do it. Hand-write for five minutes straight use all three words in the first paragraph. And those words again are random stranger car and number three, don't go back and correct our editor masterpiece. I mean, make it legible so I can read it. And if you, for some reason, have some type of , um, limitation that won't allow you to hand-write by all means type it and send it over to stories and give you a break.com again, that stories S T O R I E s@giveyouabreak.com. And for all of you listeners who have been tuning in faithfully every week, cause I see you in other countries. When I get my stacks , um , my stats, I should say I see people over in France, Germany, England , uh , SEMA rock. No it wasn't Morocco. It was Spain somewhere. England. I think I mentioned that. So thank you all for listening and feel free to participate is fun is easy. We don't judge here five minutes, three words. Hand-write send it in, make it legible, type it out if you have to, but just don't alter your authenticity because you're just being, you know, free and you're flowing when you're writing for five minutes. All right . And again, send it over to stories. I give you a break.com. You can follow me in the meantime at Twitter on Twitter. I am at creative Monique that's creative. K R E a T I V E. Monique at Twitter. All right . That does it. And be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 7:00 PM and remember plant company

Speaker 3:

Reap compassion until next time [inaudible] .