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Jan. 7, 2021



In this episode, you will hear stories from three of our listeners:
Coach Marcus H. in Los Angeles, CA; Tiffany C. in Charlotte, NC and Coach Sherri Jones in North Carolina,  who intentionally escaped the chaos of their day to generate and share their creative pieces using the words: collapse, floorboards, outhouse.

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Monique Gilmore Scott
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Speaker 1:

Welcome to episode two of give you a break. The podcast that is here to help you escape from the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, mommy Gilmore, Scott award-winning author lover of all things creative. And it is my hope that each time you listen and participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you feel rejuvenated and connected to your creativity. We all have a creative side. We just need to take a moment and step away from the chaos busy-ness of the day and tap into our creative talent. And this episode, we're going to hear from a few creators whose masterpiece are centered around the three words I gave last week. Outhouse collapsed and floorboards, but first I thank you. Shout out to the listeners who supported me by sharing the podcast, giving a review of the podcast and who purchased me a coffee. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider doing the same by simply going to give you a break.com. Click on the heart icon at the top and select buy me a coffee or two or three. All right, let's get into it. Our first creative piece comes from coach Marcus H in Los Angeles, California. His mother started to collapse when she saw what was in the floorboard of the outhouse, never in a million years, she would think that her first born her baby would or could ever do something like this. She immediately called his sister to ask, were there signs? Did she miss anything? What went wrong? Both dumbfounded, pondered on what could make a man, let alone someone in their family do such a horrific thing. The papers, television and other news outlets covered this from night to day breaking news for weeks come for sure. Meanwhile, he was sitting in his cell. Thank you, coach Marcus . All I can say is Bravo and Mark is wrote . He wanted to continue. You know, he didn't want to stop. He wanted to continue to write in the story. And honestly, Marcus, I wanted you to continue to cause I'm like, wait, who, what , what did he do? I love that piece. Thank you so much for taking the time to honor yourself, your creativity and work on this project. All right. I just want to let you know, cause I'm all authentic. You're going to hear papers shoveling because people emailed me their stories. I printed them out and I can't remember the story. So I'm going to read them from the paper. So little bit of paper shuffling, but it's okay. Our next story comes from Tiffany C in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an underwriter and here we go. The foundation is important. We come into this world as a blank canvas. We must bill. What in who we will be. It is a must that our foundation is strong with personal provoking floorboards. Yes, because of style. Make sure to make the walls flexible so that they can move, bend and grow, but can not collapse. We don't want our houses. We want fully equipped in adaptable temples, be open and willing to learn, love, breathe, and reflect, build, and grow your temple and gardens that surround it . Be flexible to change and compromise as there is more than one way. Well, I love that you see the dichotomy, the difference between the stories. I mean, so far we have two people who have used the same three words with different stories. That was a great, great story. Thank you, Tiffany. I could tell you were in some deep thought there and um, I appreciate it. Our next story comes from coach Sherry Jones in North Carolina. Here we go. The rain was coming down so hard. It woke me up out of a deep sleep. As I lay under the tin roof and our two story shot gun house, I couldn't move because I was nestled between two siblings on each side of our four poster bed. As I lay there, I wondered how this downpour didn't have everyone wide awake. I suddenly realized I had to use the pot that I attempted several times to get up. But the goose feather filled mattress may getting footing difficult. Finally, I use my older brother, Ben, as leverage as I high-waisted myself, up and out of the bed. When I realized I had to do more than PIs and the pot would not do even in the rain, I'd have to go out to the outhouse where the floorboards were so weak. They were bound to collapse from the rain coming in through the gaps in the wall. Beautiful. Thank you, coach Sherry . She dug deep. Everyone dug deep. I mean, you see what I'm saying? I just love this three words. Five minutes, right? Don't stop. Don't correct. As you write and look at the , or listen to , because you can't really look, but listen to the three stories that these individuals created in a space of five minutes, it jumped started. Marcus wanted to continue more. Tiffany wanted to continue more. Coach Sherry was like, this is awesome. I want to continue. And you should have a workshop. And I just love all of this. And so every now and then I will share my story. I didn't in the last episode, but I'm going to share my story of the same three words and the same rules apply. This is something I've used to do before. I would write my novels. So outhouse collapsed, floorboard floorboards are not meant to support an outhouse. That's what Johnny's art . Lizelle yelled from the back of the cornfield. From what I could gather from Lozells screaming comment, the floorboards must have collapsed again. Grandpa Ali had a time keeping the floorboards and nails in place under the heavy bucket lease. That's what our heard grandma Nelly tell her sister, auntie Ella , the other day, too much stink, stink in the pot is what I think made Johnny's aunt Lizelle scream out and what caused the wooden floor planks to fail again for me, I don't go to the outhouse anymore. I wait until I get to school in the morning to stink stink. That was from yours. Truly. I hope you really enjoy the creativity. The vast difference of the creative pieces that were given to me to share with you the listeners. And I'm hoping that you will participate step away from your chaotic day or busy-ness to sit down and settle your mind and tap into your creativity by joining us in this exercise. So next week, the words that we're going to have ready, seaman , mafia, witness seaman , mafia, witness, and for all of you, people from New Jersey and New York, I'm being a Jersey girl in Chicago and other places. This should be really interesting. And the rules are simple. Number one, you must hand write for five minutes straight. Number two, you must use all three words in the first paragraph. And number three, do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. I mean, it's what you feel at the time. Go ahead and stroke it to get other juices going for something else you might move on to, to , uh, participate in creativity. So just write it consistently five minutes, the words again, seem it mafia in witness. And if you're unable to hand-write due to some physical limitation, then by all means type it in. If you like to share it, send it to stories. Add , give you a break.com again, stories that give you a break.com and just make sure it's legible so that I can read it. Okay. And , um , I'll go ahead and share your story and we all can flourish in our creativity together.

Speaker 2:

Remember compassion, compassion until next time.