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May 12, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 20, WIND, LEAF, DANCE

Give You A Break - Episode 20, WIND, LEAF, DANCE

Hello Beautiful Beings,
 Season 2, Episode 20, you will hear stories from  Jersey Joe in New Jersey, Linda B. in California, and Yours Truly,…Monique Gilmore Scott. 
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 Monique Gilmore Scott

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Welcome to season two episode 20 of give you a break. The podcast that is here to help you escape the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique yo more Scott award-winning author and lover of all things created. It is my hope that each time you listen and participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you come away feeling rejuvenated and tapped into your creativity because we all have a creative side. We do. We just need to take a moment and step away from the chaos or the busy, busy busy-ness of the day and slow down, sit down and tap, tap, tap into our creative talents. In this episode, you will hear from a few listeners who shared their creative masterpiece, which are centered around the three words I gave last week. Wind dance leaf, but first, a quick, thank you. Shout out to all the listeners who support the podcast. And if you are new and enjoy this podcast and would like to support it, simply go to give you a break.com and click on the donate tab and buy me a coffee. I really appreciate it now for our laugh, your frown off segment compliments of Mr. K P more on Twitter. And if you are on Twitter, you want to follow this young man K P more posts every day. A couple of times a day are , should say tweak things to make us laugh. Really check them out. Okay. You're ready. Teacher. Who is the president of France? Eddie ? I don't know teacher. You need to spend a little more time with your schoolwork, Eddie . Okay. I will. But do you know Sarah teacher? No. Eddie . Then you need to spend a little more time with your husband. Thank you, KP for posting. And I hope you got a little kick or giggle out of it . All right. Let's get into our stories. Our first piece comes from Jersey, Joe. And if you've been listening for awhile , you know, Jersey, Joe participates every week and I'm thankful that he does all right , you ready? Here we go. Just call nine one one with an emergency. The information given, is there a storm brewing with the leaves blowing in the wind with people dancing in the streets with urgency when asked why all the partying and celebration the response was attributed to the shotgun . Extermination, the winds of change have Rose up showing its pretty head. The next part of this process is up to the feds . Quadel quality . Accountability is blowing around like an autumn leaf. This is as sweet as the story of the rain motif. There is nothing more beautiful than a community marching as one, which should remind all of us brother ex America's forgotten son. Thank you, Jersey Joe, taking the time as usual to send in your masterpiece. Next is Linda B from California. First, let me tell you about the wind dancing I do every fall. When the leaves drop, I twirl and skip and smile and seeing in my backyard, my backyard is my own private paradise, an Island to myself with bird bath, beautiful trees, a private pool, and many, many waterfalls placed strategically around the yard. I'm a Cali girl, a gypsy that landed in California from Oklahoma. What a welcome transition from 1975 till now. I can't imagine living any other state in the U S the Bay is my go-to place. When I want to experience city life in San Francisco, LA is my go-to city. When I want to see the high life and pretend I'm socially apt to play the part of being something I'm really not Monterey and Carmel are my other favorite Hangouts when I need to be calm by the ocean songs and breathe in some salted air. Oh, and let me not forget about San Diego, probably the most unmentioned city of our state. All in all my life is golden with plenty of wind dancing through the leaves. Thank you, Linda B for submitting your piece to share with everyone. I appreciate it. Lastly, yours truly here, Moni Gilmore , Scott wind dancing is a thing. If you want it to be simply step outside on a fall day in New Jersey and toss your feet through a Mount of colorful leaves and dance, the wind is fairly kind in the fall and leaves drop like rain drops on some days. There's something phenomenal about being outside under the beaming sun in mild temperatures that no longer tout humidity breathing in and embracing nature. Inspiration comes to me mostly in the fall, turning back the clock, gaining an extra hour of sleep. So they say getting prepared for fall and winter sports festive holidays are approaching swiftly all before the heavy snowfall and parka jacket wearing season dancing is therapeutic, especially if it's to your own song, the song in my mind, your own melody, and couple that with form dancing outside with the wind, while the leaves rustle beneath your feet, who would not enjoy this melding with the universe and in harmony, I wish that the shore would host not only the ocean and sand, but some trees with leaves dropping to make the view even more serene and my dance more electrified. Well, that does it for this week. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much to the contributors for taking some time to sneak away from the busy-ness of your daily routine. Just for five minutes to participate in this fun, relaxing off the cuff creative exercise. And thank you for allowing me to share it with our listeners. I'm here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time. You can listen to the podcast by visiting, give you a break.com or your favorite podcast platform. You ready for the words for this week? Grab your pen in your paper. Cause here we go, ship space escape again, that ship space escape. The rules are simple. You must hand write for five minutes straight. You must use all three words in the first paragraph and do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. Hand-write for five minutes straight, use all three words in the first paragraph and do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. And if for some reason you have some type of physical limitation that does not allow you to write by all means type it up and send it to stories@giveyouabreak.com again, that stories S T O R I E S. I give you a break.com, make sure it's legible so I can read it. And that I receive it by Sunday evening. So I can call through everything and get it prepared for next week show . You can follow me on Twitter at creative Monique that's creative with a K K R E T I V E M O N I Q U E . Well, that is a wrap for this week. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for listening. Thank you to our contributors, who also provided us with great stories for you to listen to and remember plant compassion, reap compassion until next time.