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May 19, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 21 SHIP, SPACE, ESCAPE

Give You A Break - Episode 21 SHIP, SPACE, ESCAPE

Hello Beautiful Beings,
 In season 2, Episode 21, you will hear stories from  Jersey Joe in New Jersey, Dr. Renee in North Carolina, and Ms. Tamika from Chicago, IL  
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Speaker 1:

Welcome to episode 20. One of give you a break.

Speaker 2:

The podcast that is here to help you escape the chaos of the world through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique Gilmore, Scott award-winning author, and lover of all things creative. And it is truly my hope that each time you sit down or you're driving or whatever you're doing, and you listen and participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you feel rejuvenated, tapped in and connected

Speaker 1:

To your creativity. We all have a creative side. We do. We just need to take a moment and step away from the chaos. The busy-ness of being busy of the day and sit down, slow down and tap into our creative talents. In this episode, you will hear from a couple of listeners who share their creative pieces, which are centered around the three words I gave last week. Ship space, escape, but first as always a quick, thank you. Shout out to all the listeners who support the podcast. Thank you so much. And if you're new and you enjoy the podcast and you would like to support it, you simply go to give you a break.com and click on the donate tab and buy me a coffee. All right , thanks so much now for our segment, which is called laugh, your frown off, you know, turn that frown upside down into a smile. And this is compliments of Mr. K P more on Twitter. If you happen to be on Twitter, you should follow him. It's KP Moore, M O O R E on Twitter every day, at least three or four times a day. He's always posting something that is hilarious to make us laugh. He has a lot of followers, so I'm sure people appreciate his sense of humor. Here it is. When I was young, I was poor, but after years of hard, honest and painstaking work, I'm no longer. Our first contribution comes from Jersey Joe in New Jersey. I'm sure you listeners out there who support me each week. Look forward to hearing from Jersey Joe to err, is human to forgive is divine being shipped in small spaces across the trans-Atlantic is the ultimate crime street life for nickel or a dime to escape. The oppressive master was always on one's mind ship sounds like a catchy new firm, but giving these three words, y'all don't really understand the terms understand or not. These historical problems still remain on glaringly hot with the plethora of entities, trying to make the perpetrator stop. Those who know, understand overwhelming obvious supply , watching something so egregious as it continues to rock with these words, escape, space and ship. There is no way conscious folks will ever quit. Thank you, Jersey Joe in New Jersey. Next we'll hear from Dr. Renee in North Carolina. Are there other beings on other planets? Can we take a ship to space, to another planet where the environment at all people are respected and loved and there is harmony peace understanding no stress, no fuss, just happiness and unity. Are we caught up in the matrix because we swallow the wrong pill. Can we have a retake? Huh ? Thank you, Dr. Renee for taking the time to sit down and draft up your piece and share it with me to share with the listeners. We will hear from Ms . Tamika from Chicago, I've been working this grave shift and I made. I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky, Kanye west. That's all that I can think about these days are those lyrics seriously. That's how I feel during these crazy times. I need a break away from electronics and everything that outputs from it. I am overloaded with information that is sometimes useless, stressful, and downright depressing. I haven't had a relaxing vacation since 2019. I'm frankly tired of watching my dog from the backyard, having all the fun. I stand in the backyard to grab some vitamin D and fill a breeze or two is not enough. I want to get on a cruise ship, traveled to a distant place in escape, but for now I will breathe while watching my dog have all the fun inhale, exhale, thank you to Mika from Chicago for sending your contribution to us in all of our listeners. I am here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Eastern standard time. You can listen to the podcast by give you a break.com and or your favorite podcast platform, Spotify, Stitcher, apple, any of those, you can catch me there. I want to thank all of the contributors for taking some time away from your day. And it just seems like the days are running into the days that are running into the days. Time is flying by. We are getting older. We are just trapped, moving and moving and moving. And it's nice just to sit down and breathe, listen to the leaves of the trees. Listen to the birds, sing , just take a moment and breathe and look around and observe, and also absorb, not just observe, but absorb the blessings, the flowers, the green grass, the birds, the squirrels, the butterflies, the bees, things that are just so minute we think, but gives us a chance to tap back into nature. Kind of do some forest bathing and calm down and take a couple of deep breaths. So thank you all for listening. Thank you for contributing. And just know that I do this for the fun of it. Okay. So with that set , our words for this week are frenzy capsize. Paranas again, that's frenzy capsize. Paranas the rules are really simple. All you need to do is write for five minutes straight. You must use all three words in the first paragraph and you don't go back and correct or edit your masterpiece, right? Just write for five minutes straight, use all three words in the first paragraph and don't go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. And once you're done in is legible. Go ahead and send it over to stories@giveyouabreak.com again, that stories S T O R I E S ad give you a break.com, make sure it's legible. And if for some reason you can't hand-write by all means type it, just follow the same rules and then send it over to me so that I can receive it by Sunday evening, which gives me some time to comb through and go through all of the stories and select the ones I can read on the podcast . Here. You can follow me on Twitter at creative Monique that's creative with a K K R E T I V E M O N I Q U E. Also, someone asked me, where do you record? It sounds like you're in a studio. No, I actually recorded my husband Ken's closet because it is well buffered. I closed the door. I have a basic computer. I have a rode mic that I plug in and I use the software called Hindenburg and I edited myself really simple. And it's fun for me. It's an outlet. And if you want to know more why I'm doing this, you can go back and listen to episode zero, where I kind of gave the backdrop of what caused me to want to step into this creative arena. All right , well that does it for this week. It's a

Speaker 3:

Wrap. And please remember plant compassion , reap compassion until next time.