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June 2, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 23, Baby, Kiss, Water

Give You A Break - Episode 23, Baby, Kiss, Water

Hello Beautiful Beings,
 In season 2, Episode 23, you will hear stories from  Jersey Joe in New Jersey Anonymous in Jersey and the host, Monique Gilmore Scott.
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 Monique Gilmore Scott
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Speaker 1:

Welcome to episode 23 of give you a break. The

Speaker 2:

Podcast that is here to help you escape the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique Gilmore , Scott award-winning author, and lover of all things created . And it is my hope that each time you listen and or participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you come away feeling connected and tapped into your creativity because we all have a creative side. We just need to take a moment,

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Pull away from the busy-ness of the day and sit down, slow down and tap into your creative talents. Whether that be writing, painting, drawing, sewing, designing, cooking, floor arrangement, whatever your gift is that people tell you, right, that you have this gift. You just need a moment to sit down and do it. And with this exercise, I'm pulling you away, giving you something you do to take your mind off of whatever for five minutes, right? You don't have to be a writer and participate. So please consider joining. There's no judgment here. It's just a way to kickstart your creativity. All right ? So in this episode, you will hear from a few listeners who share their creative pieces, which are centered around the three words I gave last week, baby kiss and water. First thing though, quick, quick, shout out. And thank you to all of my listeners who support me, who share the podcast, who comment? I appreciate it. And for those of you who purchase me a coffee, because this is listener supported, I'm having fun. And I hope you are. So if you would like to support me by the liking or sharing the podcast on your social platform, you can do so. Or you can go to give you a break.com, click on the donut , donate tab and buy me a coffee. Again has give you a break.com click on the little donut donate. I want to say donut. What's that look that maybe I need to have a donut. Maybe donut needs to be one of the words for next week, but anyway, you click on the donate tab and buy me a coffee and I will appreciate it. It's time for our laugh, your frown off where we take that frown. Flip it upside down into a smile. This is compliments of Mr. K P more on Twitter. Follow him at KP Moore, M O O R E on Twitter. Here we go. I have a bumper sticker that says honk. If you think I'm sexy, then I just sit at a green light until I feel better about myself. Thanks, KP . Appreciate you as always. All right . Our first story comes from Jersey Joe in where else, New Jersey let's celebrate and kiss all of our babies because this world is so freaking weird and crazy. The deep dark waters of society is given a brother all sorts of anxiety. But one thing is for sure, I worried about anybody firing me. It's a blessing and a curse with these sweet living arrangements. You don't want to leave earth. Everything must evolve, especially our babies. So during the maturation process, have a coconut smile and enjoy the show while they develop their individual style. Thank you, Jersey Joe . And for those of you who have been listening for a while, please go to give you a break.com, click on the review tab, or go to your podcast platform, apple Stitcher, and leave a review. And more specifically a review about Jersey Joe. He has been with us since day one. Hasn't missed a week, and I'd like to know what our listeners think about his contribution and creativity. Next we'll hear from anonymous. Okay. It's anonymous. Here we go, baby. Let me tell you how much I love the ocean's water. I embraced the hot sinking sand between my toes. As I trudged my way into the healing salt water, while the sun kisses my skin. Again, I'm not a swimmer. I'm an ocean junkie. I've been this way since I can remember the Jersey shores, where my introduction to one of the many wonders on this planet, just being in the water, felt like a rebirth. Every time I jumped a wave or was flattened by one, I miss being able to drive an hour or a bit more to get the shore and submerse my body into the healing ocean. I wished I lived within a few steps of the ocean. I want to see the waves up close, smell the salt water, feel the cool breeze in the evenings. Sink my toes in the wet, heavy sand in the mornings and see little guppies fluttering around my ankles. Destined Florida. I hear good things about your sand and ocean. Maybe it's time for me to schedule a self love retreat. Thank you. Anonymous in New Jersey and last but not least yours, truly, you know, every now and then I might write something because really it's all about you. But you know, I like the words this week. So here we go. Extra, extra, read all about it. The baby who tried to kiss a starfish, fell in the water and was saved by a dolphin at the bunkers zoo. The parents had turned their backs for a split second to buy some peanuts to feed the elephant . That's when baby curious, a 10 month old decided to take her first steps after being mesmerized by the colorful starfish, sitting at the bottom of the dolphins pool, baby curious, stood up, took two wobbly steps, leaned on the guardrail and fell into the dolphin pool. All lookers gassed, loudly and froze and shock punks dads spun around to see what was happening and immediately took off his shoes and jumped over the rail. He was about to jump into the dolphin pool, but stopped when he saw baby curious emerge from the water coughing, then smiling while riding on the back of mama dolphin, there was a collective sigh of relief by the crowd, along with a few loud, off sirens. Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, our stories for this week. Yay. Thank you to the contributors. I appreciate it. I can't do it without you. So keep it coming. All right. You know, you can find me here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time, you can listen on your favorite podcast platform. Our visit give you a break.com to tune in with that said the words for this week are dirt track smoke. Again, that's dirt track smoke. The rules are really simple. Number one, you must hand write for five minutes straight. Number two, you must use all three words. And the first paragraph, number three, do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece once you're done. Send it over to stories@giveyouabreak.com again, that stories S T O R I E s@giveyouabreak.com. Make sure it's legible, please. ABET . I can read it and that I receive it by Sunday evening. Now, for some reason you're unable to hand-write due to a limitation by all means type it and send it over to stories and give you a break.com. You can follow me on Twitter at creative Monique. That's creative with a K because why else would it be anything else since I'm creative? Right? Creative. K R E T I V E M O N I Q U E again, creative Monique over at Twitter. And that is a wrap for this week. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for hanging out with me each and every week or when you can

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And remember plant compassion, reap compassion until next time.