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Jan. 14, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 3, MAFIA, CEMENT, WITNESS

Give You A Break - Episode 3, MAFIA, CEMENT, WITNESS

In this episode, you will hear stories from our listeners:

Jersey Joe in New Jersey, Sharon Ann in Louisiana, Dr. Renee G, in North Carolina,  Coach Sherri Jones in North Carolina who intentionally escaped the busyness and chaos of their day to generate and share their creative pieces using the words:

Thank you for sharing your masterpiece creators!


Monique Gilmore Scott

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Welcome to episode three of give you a break. The podcast that is here to help you escape from the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique Gilmore , Scott award-winning author, and lover of all things creative . It is my hope that each time you listen and participate and to create a storytelling exercise, you feel rejuvenated and connected to your creativity. We all have a creative side. We just need to take a moment and step away from the chaos or the busy-ness of the day and tap into your creative talents. I'm here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Eastern standard time. In this episode, you will hear from a few listeners whose masterpiece are centered around three words I gave last week, Siemens mafia witness, but first a thank you. Shout out to the listeners who support me by sharing the podcast, giving a review of the Pat Cass and who purchased me a coffee. If you enjoy this podcast and would like to do the same, you can go to give you a break.com again, that's give you a break.com. Click on the heart icon at the top and select buy me a coffee. Also be sure to leave a review on your favorite podcast platform and hit the share button too . All right, let's get to it. And let me tell you upfront, like I did argue every week I am authentic. So when people send me their stories, I have to print them out. And so you will hear some paper shuffling and that's just gusta reel of what this podcast is about. All right. So our first story comes from Jersey, Joe from New Jersey, being an old Jersey cat like myself. When I think of mafia, my mind reverts back to my teenage years, Bloomfield was the place with plenty of quicksand and Siemens for witnesses was the case wrong skin. Wrong kin could definitely get you deleted and placed in the quicksand. Or have you S H I T T I N G bricks and Siemens shoes, whatever the case, it always came down to your freaking race. You dig as Mr. Kirk wants emphasize left hook, right? Cross. You have to show seaman. Who's the boss. I'm a King who rightfully sits on his throne. Siemens sucks. I'm on my way home. Pardon? My harsh tone. But living life is golden. Never to be clone . Okay, Jersey, Joe, I liked piece. You had some rhyming going on and obviously some deep pass reflection. So I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write this piece in on, you know, share it with us too . Thank you. Our next story comes from Sharon Ann . Who's a retired educator in Louisiana. I have never been involved in a situation with the mafia. I am so thankful for that. I can only imagine what it would be like to witness something horrible and later find out it was done by the mafia. For example, what if I saw someone burying a body in the backyard next to my house? I see them bury it one day. And the next day a semen truck is there to pour a slab over it. What do I do now? Do I live with this secret forever? Do I tell someone once I learned the mafia family lives next door, I think I would be ready to move now. I love my house. I love my neighborhood, but I love peace and honesty more. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your creative piece. And I would move to that was the case. I appreciate you. This piece comes from Dr. Renee in North Carolina, this witness wasn't going out like that. So she planned to get the upper hand. The mafia family was poisoned at their favorite restaurant with a birthday event, took place. Also, this was a special poison. Got only turned the murderous and evil people to seam it. The poison did not impact anyone who was innocent or good. The poison would stay in your DNA. And anytime you turn evil or did harm your body turned to seaman . Thank you, Dr. Renee , I enjoy that. Wow. Especially the part about the poison. You could tell she's a doctor and you know, she tied in some DNA and it would kick in only if the person was evil. I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing. Our next contributor is coach Sherry Jones. Work-life development coach in Charlotte, North Carolina. She's a recurring contributor and I appreciate her. All right , here we go. My partner and I purchased the land to develop family's forever homes. I was not thrilled , but the price was right. The land. Wasn't my first choice because I remember stories from my Papa. When he said decades ago, he witnessed bodies dumped on this land by the mafia. As we lay the Siemens for the home's foundation, those body remains will be forever lost with that energy underfoot . My thoughts went to the families who have faith in us. These families are excited to start their best chapter, but I wonder with all those lost souls, how would their lives be haunted? Thank you, Sherry . You know, I love your stories and I appreciate you participating in supporting me each and every week. Thank you again. And lastly, you will hear from yours truly. Here we go. The craziness of it all living in an area of the country, where the mafia runs the streets and city hall. Along with the neighborhood Harlem , I witnessed two young boys riding their bikes in the street cluttered with expensive cars. One of the boys accidentally deemed Bobby [inaudible] car. Oh God. Oh God. The poor boy had no idea that the tiny unintentional mistake would earn him a new pair of semen sneakers. The other two boys sped off as fast as their legs and feet could peddle their two wheel bicycle. But the one boy who accidentally tapped Bobby linguine Cirillo's car would not make the final trip home with his friends. Instead, he was invited for pizza and Bobby's backyard and was never seen again ever. That's from yours truly. Well, I hope you enjoy this week's episode. And I appreciate all of the contributors taking the time escaping from the busy-ness of your day to sit down and hand-write and send me your stories to share. Thank you so much. And for those of you who are listening, if you want to participate, all you need to do is sin your story to stories@giveyouabreak.com . The words for the upcoming week are sync Ram iceberg. Again, sync Ram iceberg. The rules are number one. You must write our hand-write for five minutes straight. Number two, you must use all three words in the first paragraph. Number three, do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. Now, if you have some type of limitation that requires you to type it, you can, but you get more out of the creative piece by handwriting does something awesome to your brain and get you set up to move forward in whatever you're going to do after you complete, you know , our exercise. So again, sink Ram in iceberg. And if you want to share the story for me to, you know , share with our listeners, you send me the story. You make sure it's legible. Please. Two stories@giveyouabreak.com again, that stories S T O R I E s@giveyouabreak.com and make sure it's legible so I can read it in the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at creative Monique that's creative with a K K R E a T I V E. Monique Mon IQ. Remember plant compassion, reap compassion until next time.