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Jan. 20, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 4 -SINK, RAM, ICEBERG

Give You A Break - Episode 4 -SINK, RAM, ICEBERG

In this episode, you will hear stories from our listeners:

Jersey Joe from New Jersey,  Sharon Ann from Louisiana, Dr. Renee G from New Jersey, and  Coach Sherri Jones in North Carolina.  All of the contributors intentionally escaped the busyness and chaos of their day to generate and share their masterpieces using the words:  SINK, RAM, ICEBERG.

Thank you for sharing with me and the listeners.  

Monique Gilmore Scott

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to episode four of give you a break. The podcast that is here to help you escape from the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique more Scott award-winning author and lover of all things creative . It is my hope that each time you listen and participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you feel rejuvenated and connected to your creativity. We all have a creative side. We just need to take a moment and step away shuffle back from the chaos or busy-ness of the day and tap into our creative talent . In this episode, you will hear from a few listeners whose creative masterpiece are centered around the three words I gave last week, sink Ram iceberg, but first as always a quick, thank you message to the listeners who support me by sharing the podcast, giving a review of the podcast and who purchased me a coffee. If you enjoy this podcast and would like to support it, simply go to give you a break.com again, that's give you a break.com and click on the buy me coffee tab and buy me a coffee or two. All right, let's get to the stories. Our first contribution comes from Jersey, Joe, from New Jersey. Here we go. Whoever thought the country would be in sync mode with these crazy nine to Ram our nation capital abode. Truly, these are not the days of our lives. What we are witnessing are the ghost of Jim Crow pass , thinking about how does one get away? Well, we know solid norms like icebergs are here to stay. So if you're feeling like I am and you need some vacay reserve your iceberg, like I am today. Thank you for your contribution, Joe . I feel you I'm ready for a vacation. I just don't know where when, but I'm with you. Thank you. Next we hear from Sharon G a retired educator in Louisiana. I was all excited for my first visit to Alaska. I am not a fan of cold weather, but this was an exciting new adventure to embark. Well, my imagination took over. I was thinking, what if some of the ice I am on is actually a pond and it breaks. And I sink below the ice as if that wasn't bad enough. What if we are on a snowmobile and it hits an iceberg, then I thought, what if we are charged by a Ram ? At that point, I realized I was really hunted bad thought path because I don't believe Rams are in Alaska. Now, if I thought a moose , I might be thinking more on check. However, I'm going to let go of all those foolish thoughts and enjoy my trip. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing in. Um , I agree. You're more likely to see a moose than a Ram , but I appreciate your submission. Up next is Dr. Renee G from New Jersey. As I sink into my bed, trying to determine why as a people there seems to be an impenetrable iceberg in front of us. The oppressor has constantly rammed in our faces that we are worthless or insignificant, but I realized if we collectively migrated to our motherland, they would perish because they would kill one another because they will not have Amy group of people to release their solace evil. I feel you Dr. Renee, thank you for sharing. I appreciate it. Next. We will hear from coach Sherry workforce development coach in Charlotte, North Carolina, green Bay, Wisconsin in December outdoors for hours at an NFL game. Why did I bet my husband during the summer heat of August, that I would attend the last regular season game in December before knowing where it was. He knows this would be a challenge for me. I never went to an outdoor game after October. It's too cold. Here I am in Wisconsin for the Rams versus packer game. My seat in the ground under my feet, feels like an iceberg. I have a sinking feeling that I won't make it all four quarters. I didn't even wear my mink and fear that the animal rights people would destroy it like they did to my aunt in Manhattan. That one time. Thank you, Sherry . Yeah. Green Bay in December. You should have wore your mink. Anyway. I appreciate you submitting that story. And last but not least yours truly here. I don't know who told Kelly to Ram her little fist into the dirt and pluck ahead of iceberg lettuce and toss it in the sink. It's too soon to harvest the lettuce. I am thankful for her act of kindness and smartness for a five-year-old. She simply practice what she hears me preach. Every time someone around here says they're hungry. Pick something from the garden. I would yell today. Kelly proved her Tinder ears, indeed work. She bought the iceberg lettuce into the house, walked into the kitchen and tossed a tiny four green leaf bunch into the stainless steel sink. I suppose the next day, she'll figure out how to snatch some tomatoes off the vine and peppers too , either way. I'm thankful my precious little Kelly listens to my words. Well, we've had a lot of masterpieces this week from listeners. Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you for stepping away from the chaos of your day or busy-ness for five minutes to participate in this fun creative exercise. I appreciate you for again, just participating. I mean, giving me some of your time, giving me your creative stories to share here on this platform. All right. The words for the upcoming week are slap promotion manager. I can imagine what's going to be coming . Slap promotion manager. The rules are number one. You must hand-write for five minutes straight. Number two, you must use all three words in the first paragraph. You must use all three words in the first paragraph. Number three, do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece. I'm looking forward to reading and sharing your creative masterpieces next week. So you can submit your stories to stories@giveyouabreak.com that story's S T O R I E s@giveyouabreak.com . Make sure it's legible, please, so that I can read it. And that I receive your piece by Sunday of this week and be sure to leave a review on your podcast or your favorite podcast platform. I should stay also, you can follow me on Twitter at creative Monique. That's creative with the K K R E T I V E. Ammo in IQ . Well , that does it for this week. Remember,

Speaker 2:

Compassion, reap compassion until next time.