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Feb. 3, 2021

Give You A Break - Episode 6, MEADOW, DEER, STREAM

Give You A Break - Episode 6, MEADOW, DEER, STREAM

In this episode, you will hear stories from our listeners:

Dr. Dana in New Jersey, Jersey Joe from New Jersey,  Sharon Ann in Louisiana,   Coach Sherri Jones in Charlotte, North Carolina, and yours truly, Monique Gilmore Scott.

All of the contributors made a decision to intentionally escape from the busyness of their day to generate and share their creative masterpieces using the words:

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me and the listeners.

You are appreciated!

Monique Gilmore Scott

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Welcome to episode six of give you a break. The podcast that is here to help you escape the chaos of the day through creative storytelling. I'm your host, Monique Gilmore , Scott award-winning author, and lover of all things creative. It is my hope that each time you listen and participate in the creative storytelling exercise, you feel rejuvenated and tapped into your creativity. As you know, we all have a creative side, we just need to take a moment, sit down somewhere, step away from the busy-ness of the day, slow down and tap into our creative talents. In this episode, you will hear from a few listeners who shared their creative masterpiece, which was centered around the three words I gave last week, meadow deer stream. But first, a quick, thank you. Shout out to all of the listeners who support me by sharing the podcast, providing a review of the podcast and who have purchased me a coffee or two. If you're new and you enjoy this podcast and you would like to support it, simply go to give you a break.com and click on the donate tab at the top of the page and buy me a coffee or a couple of coffees. And I appreciate it. Also be sure to share it on your favorite social media platform and invite other people to tune in as well. All right, let's get to the stories and you know, you all thank you so much for emailing the stories to me and I print them out and I read them. So you will hear some paper shuffling, but that's the truth of what we've got going on here. Completely transparent and authentic. Okay. Let's get into it. Our first piece comes from our first time contributor, Dr. Dana in New Jersey. Here we go. Growing up in the city every year. Our church's youth, pastor we're planning a trip to a camp in upstate New York. It was designed to give us different, quiet, more nature, like experiences. Usually half of us were excited and the other half could care less. Well . That's what they wanted us to think. I'll never forget. When I truly figured out that the hardest teenagers put up a front one may morning at camp, I was walking across the bridge that covered the stream, which I saw the most enduring sight . As I looked ahead to the meadow, I saw the loudest girl in our group crying. As I approached her, she started crying even harder, all because a deer ran in front of her into the woods. When I asked her if was scared, she said, no, she was mesmerized because she had never seen a deer in person. Wow. Tears at the sight of a deer that was worth the trip. And you know what? Dr. Dana, that was worth the trip for me to read. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to participate. I appreciate you. You'll hear me say that a lot after each of our contributors. So thank you for being a first-timer and for taking the time, because time is precious to draft that story for us and for me to share up next, we had Jersey Joe in New Jersey. He is a consistent contributor. And thank you for that. Joe, the selected three words are equivalent to reparation. Having an open meadow with the stream sounds like the ultimate vacation. Can you imagine not requesting the status quo, 40 acres and a mule instead, having a variety of deer meat for your families . Daily few, let freedom ring all included in the American dream, not just the talented folks who show up on star search and seeing boom, bam, boom. We are all Americans and deserve a seat in the room. The stream has always separated us from each other. With the recent insurrection. It should make us all brothers. You see, life is what is real in front of you. That's why I appreciate be exclaiming on the view. So these three words like Stevie has to motivate and unite. So other nations will still know America shines bright. That's what I'm talking about, Joe, thank you. I just love your pieces. You know, he has like some poetry going on in his stories and , and this is what I'm saying. You already know those of you who listen. We have these three words that come from several different people and they come up with whatever is inside of them, their own creativity, their own masterpiece. And I appreciate it. I have no judgment here. I just share what you share with me. I don't sit here. I don't edit. I don't judge. And I hope I'm doing you an honor by reading correctly, the information you've given me up next. We have Sharon Ann in Louisiana. She's a retired educator principal . Here we go. There is nothing better than a nice summer day in the country. I love to take a nice brisk walk and experience the joy of God's natural creation. The other day on my walk. As I passed the little stream, I saw a deer drinking from it. As I continue to walk, I slowed my pace a bit and looked across the way there was an awesome metal, a beautiful wild flowers. Of course, I don't get to do this serene walk. As often as I would like, I really do need to set aside more time to spend doing quiet and calming things in nature. I'm going to make a commitment to myself, to enjoy the sereneness of God's creation more. I do like seeing the serenity prayer. It helps keep me grounded. Thank you and Sharon Anne for taking the time to submit your story. And I hope you do get an opportunity to spend some more time walking in intaking, the beauty of nature. Um , next we have coach Sherry work-life development coach in Charlotte, North Carolina. This weekend getaway could not get here fast enough. I haven't anticipated anything like this since I was a child waiting on Christmas, I have to get to a cabin to step off from this world right here. The last time I was there, I took a long walk that gave me so much beauty to take in. It was may. And I happened upon a meadow of full bloom, wild flowers. I immediately took off my shoes to be one with the earth. As I strolled rolled and ran through the meadow . I happened upon a stream. I knelt down to drink from the cold and refreshing resource. I glanced up and less than two yards away. What did I see a deer looking right at me. Wow. I wish I could experience that. That took me someplace, you know, just nature and sipping from a stream and you can look up and see a deer. Yeah, I like that. Thank you, coach Sherry . I appreciate you. And last Lee , it's yours. Truly. Here we go. Streaming my favorite movie during the current plague facing our society. May me aware of how precious and beautiful life is despite the craziness. I watched a deer and a massive green metal surrounded by colorful flowers, sipping water from a blue stream. I've never seen a stream filled with blue, Caribbean water. What is this place? Anyway? I noticed all sorts of God's creatures starting to come towards me, but for some reason I was unafraid. Not even the tiger lion ate cheetah Buffalo, grizzly bear, Cobra, snake, elephant beef Hawks are the great white shark. I saw gliding down the stream frightened me, but that loud or knowing alarm clock jolted my heart into a fast flutter. Darn it. It was just a dream. Well, that does it for this week. We had lots of creative masterpieces and a lot of creative energy. Thank you all for participating. Thank you. Thank you. You don't know this has been like a dream just to do something fun like this. And I know it takes time out of your day is only five minutes, but I do appreciate it. Be sure to invite other people to experience what we do. You have all of these different stories coming from three words. I think that's pretty fascinating. No one story is the same. So anyway, continue to contribute so I can continue to share an uplift. I'm here every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern standard time, you can visit your favorite podcast platform to listen. Sometimes it takes a moment for it to render and get on maybe Apple podcasts, or you can go to give you a break.com and the podcast should be there immediately. All right. The words for this week are gas, light, teenager drive again, Gaslight teenager. Drive the rules are you must hand write for five minutes straight. You must use all three words in the first paragraph and do not go back and correct or edit your masterpiece just five minutes. Even if you want to write longer, just kind of tailored off at five minutes. When you send your stories to stories@giveyouabreak.com, that stories S T O R I E s@giveyouabreak.com, please make sure it's legible so I can read it and have it to me by Sunday. And if for some reason you don't think your handwriting is legible sin, that it also the handwritten piece. And if you want to type it or sin, audio recording of it, you can, whatever's easier for you, but I haven't had any problems reading anyone's handwriting. So thank you also, there's a new option for you. When you visit, give you a break.com, you can click on the microphone and leave me a voicemail. Let me know how you feel about this exercise so that I can share it with our listeners, you know, from you right until

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Next week. Remember plaque , compassion, compassion, take care.