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Oct. 24, 2022

Give You A Break Reintroduction - 2022

Give You A Break Reintroduction - 2022

Hello, dear Listeners.

It's about to go down... again!
During my time away from the Mic, I had an opportunity to reset and recenter.
I received a creative download and manufactured the Give You A Break & Create Coloring & Activity Book.  The book has illustrations to color with three words surrounding them and a section for writing a 5-minute story.

Going forward, I will use the book to share stories that I have written.  I encourage listeners who would also like to share their creative masterpieces to grab a copy of the book by visiting   http://www.giveyouabreak.com/store  select any illustration within the book and write the story using the same format: setting a timer for 5 minutes, using all 3 words listed around the illustration within the first paragraph and send the legibly handwritten story over to stories@giveyouabreak.com for a chance to have your story shared with listeners.

I hope you will consider rejoining me on my continued creative journey each Wednesday evening at 7 pm EST.

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